Over the past decade of research and development, a vast majority of Asgards Robotics emphasis has been on development of robotics system control and automation integration with additional focus on development of a new gearbox design targeting reliability, loading and longevity.

Its been said that replicating what others have done is flattery. Rather than randomly picking robotic arm specifications such as payload factors, reach and axis for our robots, our emphasis was on replicating currently deployed robotic arm and transporter designs and specifications to allow Adgard Robotics robots as a drop in replacement that require no changes for installation and deployment.

Adgard Robotics technology is in essence designed to be plug and play, typical installs needing only connected to the network and power once the typical robot training and simulation that all robots require is complete.


  • Our planned family of Collaborative, Industrial, Delta, Mobile and Material Transporters, Robotic Forklifts and Humanoid robots offers many different payload options enabling a very wide variety of applications.

  • With Extended Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality, a specific training system can be customized and tailored for your unique requirements.

  • Specialized robots offering seven or more degrees of freedom, incredible flexibility, and easy integration into existing production environments, our robots are designed and built to do much more.