Our in-house Design Engineering teams work seamlessly with you and your team together providing end-to-end new product development processes.

At the Factory: Female Mechanical Engineer Designs 3D Engine on Her Personal Computer while Male Automation Engineer Uses Laptop for Programming Robotic Arm.
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Process Development

System Planning

We work with you to design and develop an optimal solution geared toward process durability and optimal processing capacity to unfold as a reflection of a project’s unique vision, desires, and innovation in the scheme of your unique needs and expectations.

Design criteria starts with the clients current and future needs and provide the basis for design for manufacturing and design for automated assembly and followed up with automated inspection.

We believe that the most optimal innovative processes is a blend of both art and science, with a touch of wild.

By individually customizing the solution to meet both speed and accuracy while utilizing adipate quality control through artificial intelligent control.

Thus enabling the ultimate quality assurance process integration for monitoring and tracking from end to end.

We are a collective dedicated to creating enriched process solutions that will provide you an enhanced piece of mind. Planning carefully for the offered solution to be highly beneficial to your bottom line and adaptive to fulfil your initial long term needs and expandable to meet future requirements.

Planning can be expanded for duplication to additional sites for distributed capacity and redundancy to react to planned expansion and unplanned operation interruptions.

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Sustainable Processes

Client Driven Research

Need a Remote Team for a Unique Requirement?

Sustainable design principles, capacity upgradable design principals, modular quality assurance process integration including energy-efficient strategies, lights out facility.

Utilizing environmentally friendly processes such as inclusion of passive daylighting, and intelligent materials processing, monitoring and handling. Field upgradable and repairable hardware and software components.

As a young and energetic collaborative team, Asgard Robotics is simultaneously an academic think tank, and technological firm. We utilize state of the art development tools, with advancements in extended reality (XR), a wide umbrella term used to describe highly immersive technologies that can merge the physical and virtual worlds,

You might be able to visualize your customized process from anywhere in the world as if you were actually on-site visually inspecting your system. Use of extended realty also allows a modular approach for inclusion of other processes or adding in additional inspection and quality assurance processes for the ultimate quality control regime..

We an innovative group with deep disciplines in mechanical, electrical and software engineering for development individually customized solutions.

We will convert ideas and concepts into reliable and sustainable practice. We welcome opportunities to work with small business, light commercial and industrial client projects. Complete documentation and training is part of our end to end services.